Wildkräuteröl relax®

Skin stimulation for the holistic treatment. It has been proven for a long time, that organic conditions and psychological problems make themselves known through musculature and skin. The skin is the carrier of information from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Therefore it makes sense to utilize the skin, with its unfathomable abilities, in order to regulate information that goes from the outside towards the inside. By using exactly defined skin areas, the 22 ingredients of the Esogetic herbal oil are introduced and passed on as harmonizing information. The natural compounds stimulate and harmonize the information and energy centers of the body. Used on exactly defined dreamzones, they can purposefully support the dream activity and thus activate the "emotional elimination process".

The Energy Reflection Oil

A special massage oil by Peter Mandel.  For over 40 years Peter Mandel has researched the body surface in regards to points and zones, which possess a connection to the inner organs as well as a link to the ‘individual’ soul of the human being.

The Energy Reflection Oil has been specificaly designed for this purpose and it consists of a wonderful mix of pure oils. In particular the high percentage of Hypericum oil needs mentioning. By using it we can metaphorically treat “depression” of the skin and the musculature. Massages of the entire body or of specific zones are enlivening, reduce stress and tension and thus gradually increase the level of energy.

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