Holistic Therapy with Infrared and Ultaviolett Frequencies

The support of Professor Popp helped Peter Mandel to develop an effective, holistic therapy free of side-effects using incoherent infrared light. It can produce quick and lasting benefits. The crucial parameters of infrared therapy are the exact frequency of the radiation and the newly defined reflex areas and zones - especially on top of the skull - which are correlated to the organs and systems of the body within a holographic context. The infrared light is introduced into the body through 147 converter points, skull somatotopies and 60 ear acupuncture points.


The effect is on one hand a focused holistic treatment and on the other the calling forth of important clues about subconscious disturbances. The extraordinary therapeutic successes of the specific IR - frequency in the arena of pain treatment in particular have been documented in extensive clinical research.

The inclusion of infrared frequencies in esogetic colorpuncture led to a subsequent development of the opposing “outer pillar” of the spectrum: the ultraviolet radiation. These two invisible outer verges are connected by the third pillar - the visible spectrum on the nanometer scale.

Image: The Three Pillars of Light

For Peter Mandel the ultraviolet therapy constitutes the mental pillar of the light. Through defined skin zones we can very specifically stimulate or organize the information process (mind) within the living being. Like visible light ultraviolet also obeys the laws of diffraction, refraction, reflection and - of particular therapeutic importance - interference. Due to its frequency ultraviolet possesses a higher energy than visible light and also an increased ability to penetrate more deeply into matter.

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