Energy Emission Analysis (EEA)

Basis of all Esogetic Procedures

The EEA is the first link in the chain of esogetic holistic methods and at the same time the starting and completion point of patient care. In 1973, Peter Mandel developed this reliable and reproducible energy evaluation approach, which anybody can undergo without danger. The EEA gives an insight into all informational/energetic tendencies and disturbances within the system that cause conditions. It permits us a quick comprehensive look at the overall situation of the patient and gives us the possibility to make more accurate referrals for clinical testing. It also is a reliable control measure of therapeutic effectiveness. Any change in the patient's state - for instance during and after a treatment - can immediately be demonstrated and understood.


Energy Evaluation as a Process of Insight

Solely by using the criteria of emission quality, radiation phenomena and localization and relationship of the phenomena to each other, we can recognize a connecting thread, which allows us to draw conclusions about subconscious structures and peculiarities of the individual and track the stress to its source. The symptom is not the primary focus of our energy evaluation, but we are looking for the cause of the symptom. Another big advantage of the EEA is the assignment of a timeline to events that could be potential causes of conditions. That is particularly important in psychosomatic diseases. We see the EEA as providing the possibility for early detection and prevention of the informational/energetic imbalances that can lead to complaints. Only when using these imbalances as a reference can an energy evaluation be considered holistic.

"Insight" in one look

This is the most decisive advantage that the EEA can claim for itself in comparison to many other procedures. The trained EEA evaluator receives information about a patient's overall body-soul-spirit situation. The EEA, however, allows the immediate distinction as to whether there is endocrine, toxic or degenerative stress, and at the same time it shows which level - physical, emotional or mental - the therapy has to address. The starting point and the step-by-step development of a holistic treatment plan are therefore no longer accidental, but are the logical result of the recognition of the " overall patient status".

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