Every individual is being touched and shaped by the colors in his environment. But it goes even further than that: Light is the origin of all life. Maybe that is why we are calling the highest level of consciousness “enlightenment”. If light represents the source and the sustenance of life, then colors as parts of light also embody parts of life. In the body color vibrations do trigger a variety of reactions directly and indirectly. Colorpuncture integrates traditional Chinese medicine and customary color indications with the cutting edge insights of biophotonic research.

A therapy for the future

Light and color will be important factors in the medicine of the future. Without light the entire cellular metabolism and the communication among cells and cell conglomerates would not be possible. We are able to trace trajectories of light in the body that are exactly correlating to the meridians as they have been described in traditional Chinese medicine. So our body is basically a photovoltaic cell, which is being supplied with energy and information through the light.

Esogetische Medizin

Balancing through pure information

In order to stimulate the self regulatory mechanisms of the organism, colorpuncture introduces a type of balancing information into the body. The stimulation of sensitive skin areas and points is conducted with different therapeutic colors. Each color is defined in terms of nanometers and each color has an exact frequency. It is the vibratory behavior of a single color frequency that determines the content of information.

In its capacity as pure vibrational energy color seems to be a very suited vehicle for a sustained harmonizing therapy.

Psychological/ emotional + somatic/ physical = psychosomatic

Very often the therapy colors have nearly identical treatment indications for the psychological as well as the somatic level. In the physical realm for instance green detoxifies, releases spasms and stimulates elimination. From a psychological angle this color is considered to be calming and relaxing. Frequently body and psyche are simply very closely connected - that is the reason why nowadays physical complaints are mainly investigated from a psychosomatic cause. Therefore it becomes crucial to address diseases causally. This often requires considerable time and patience.

Treating systematically

In the clinic the holistic analysis (for instance from the EEA picture or the iris analysis) provides concrete clues as to which color therapies would be appropriate. The choice of color, treatment areas and points is determined by the current type of regulatory disturbance and the energetic state.

Colorpuncture can basically be used in any disease, either as an adjunct or as a single main therapy. Its regulating effect makes it an ideal measure for disease prevention.

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