Color Surface Sector Treatment

Another advantage are the many possibilities of self treatment - particularly with the easily applied color surface sector therapy. The development of the color surface therapy made it possible a few years ago to open up the use of colorpuncture treatments to non-therapists. Over decades of patient contacts Peter Mandel has designed simple color radiation protocols for the lay person. These are not applied to points, but they are implemented in reflex zones and certain sectors of the body surface.

Esogetische Medizin

The surface sector treatment with color is an easily acquired aid to support well-being and to care responsibly for one’s own health. It is especially beneficial for children, because it is free of any side-effects or pain and can be conducted in the familiar environment. Of course it cannot substitute the consultation with the physician or other licensed medical professional.

Being ill is not a necessary requirement in order to use the benefits of the colors for oneself ! The best of all therapies is the one that is superfluous! Therefore Peter Mandel emphasized that the real meaning of his color therapy was reflected in the realms of prevention and health maintenance.

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