Color Sound and Soundscapes

Color Sound Therapy

Based on colorpuncture and together with the music researcher couple Korten/ Helm, Peter Mandel found a way to translate therapeutic colors into tonal frequencies by using a specific mathematical formula and to develop a method that shows proven results in practice. These frequencies are conducted as information from the ears to the brain and then to the coordination systems of the body. They are supportive and stabilizing for body and brain functions. The techniques employed - like for instance the acoustic principle of "guided attention" - are completely unique in the arena of sound therapies.


The nine CDs of this series are used for the reduction of subconscious, mostly not yet manifest problems and stresses. The specifically developed codes are addressing three different levels of consciousness : Image level, symbol level and archetypal level. The combinations of tones are defined and not - like for instance in meditation music - arbitrarily composed according to aesthetic and creative-artistic impressions.

Conflict Resolution

The four CDs of the conflict resolution are intended to support the individual in stepping away from their stress. They provide kind of a training program. Old problem patterns can be understood and become conscious. The gentle regulatory impulses, the elimination of blockages in the single sectors are a liberation for all people, but especially for those suffering. The inner letting go is one of the most important criteria to achieve an increase in energy and thus promote movement in behavioral patterns which are stuck in a rut.

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