Mini-Workshops in Esogetic Holistic Medicine

Improving and Maintaining health with Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel

Possible applications of Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel as a home remedy for everybody.

This is intended to address our customers' wish for simple and easily understandable instruction on how to conduct a treatment at home. In small steps and with expert guidance you will be instructed and trained in how to apply Colorpuncture safely on yourself and your family. We have planned a total of 10 different topics, so that everybody can choose according to his needs.

A great advantage:

These Mini-workshops are limited to about 3.5 hours, are very inexpensive and give you all the knowledge to immediately get started afterwards. This year we are offering the following topics in the application of Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel:

  • Workshop 1 "Colds, runny nose, throat and ear pains"
  • Workshop 2 "Insomnia, dream therapy"
  • Workshop 3 " Back pain, joint pain"
  • Workshop 4 " Skin treatments"
  • Workshop 5 " Learning and concentration problems"
  • Workshop 6 " Intestinal problems, digestive complaints"
  • Workshop 7 " Allergy treatments"
  • Workshop 8 " Mood fluctuations, tiredness"
  • Workshop 9 "The eyes"
  • Workshop 10 " My heart"

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