Apothecary of Light - Color Surface Sector Therapy

A simple treatment for health maintenance and self-help in common complaints. Color surface sector therapy is a therapeutic modality for everybody, be it at home or on the road. We are offering the following workshop consisting of five independent modules for health-conscious lay people and interested therapists:

Module 1 - Basic Course

The Esogetic worldview; meaning and effect of colors through application to eye, ear and skin; introduction into the function circles according to Dr. J. Gleditsch; insomnia, restlessness, headaches and much more. You will learn how important it is to use your energy more consciously in this time of stress and hurry!

Module 2 - Children in the Light

Strengthening of the immune system; difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep; common colds; learning and concentration disorders, hyperactivity; treatment of allergies. Children who have nightmares or keep suffering from recurring infections. The therapies you will learn are also appropriate for adults.

Module 3

Diseases of the skin, headaches,migraine, joint problems and pain, rheumatism, the four temperaments, treatment of the spine, therapy with rose quartz. The facial mask - a wonderful experience and profound treatment.

Module 4

Signals of the body; cause and effect; emotional and physical reflexes by way of the skin zones (segments according to Puttkammer); lymphatic treatments; application of the Esogetic herbal oil for stomach, liver and gallbladder complaints and for a general physical/ emotional harmonization; Sound therapy; Holistic balancing of body - mind - spirit.

Module 5 - Crystal Therapy

The hallmark of the crystal application and therapies is, that they can be used without any previous experience. Introduction into the working mechanisms of crystals. How does the crystal activator influence the subconscious? Increased ability to sleep and enlivening of dream activity with the Dream disk. Instruction with the Love disk, which carries the quality of calm and 'coming home to oneself'. Many complaints that have been created through the environment, like stress and aggression, are alleviated or even resolved through the therapy.

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