Introduction to Esogetic Holistic Medicine

«Who?, How?, What?' - Why?»

New treatment concepts for acute and chronic ailments. With this introductory seminar we want to offer you a glimpse into the world of Esogetic Holistic Medicine. You become acquainted with the procedure of energy screening, among others the Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) according to Peter Mandel. We are using case studies to discuss the beneficial consequences of treatment. You will also find out more about the so-called 3 levels of the 'whole' : matter/body, energy/ soul/emotion, information /spirit/mind and their extremely sensitive interplay, which can be clearly seen in the EEA image. Case histories will be used to demonstrate the beneficial results of the method.

Centre of Seminar

  • The principles and description of Esogetic Holistic Medicine: Energy Emission Analysis (EEA), Colorpuncture, Induction therapy, crystal puncture and sound therapy
  • The individuality as a whole in the EEA picture
  • Conflicts and their individual effects
  • Non-verbal conflict resolution therapies
  • Discussion of case studies
  • Learning of therapies, which can be integrated into any practice setting

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