The Completion Training Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel

Integration of EEA and Colorpuncture Therapies in Esogetic Holistic Medicine

«A blend of seminar and workshop on the highest level»

The integration of the EEA and therapy trainings in colorpuncture of Esogetic Holistic Medicine. Here we go to the core - the individuality of the human being. Everything we have learned so far serves this purpose: To be able as a therapist to approach the client as closely as a possible as an individual and an individually reacting being. The more differentiated the various analytical clues can be perceived and the better the understanding of the hierarchical levels is, the more obvious will the best holistic therapeutic solution be and the greater its resulting success. Therapy resistance challenges us to continuously look for  new options - not only for therapy, but especially for expanding our perceptive ability to grasp the individuality. Thus the education of the "inner eye" is the big topic of the Intensive Week. In order to gain clarity and confidence in our choice of therapy, we need confidence in our evaluation skills.

The main topics of the Intensive Week are

  • The interpretation of the mental topography
  • The meaning of the hierarchical structure
  • The interconnectedness of the three levels - matter, energy, information
  • The therapies that result from the dominant phenomenology in regards to the overall interpretation
  • Repeated exercises in the interpretation of the EEA picture
  • The connection of the basic patterns and principles with the phenomenology
  • The symbolism of the reaction test - its importance for the choice of therapy
  • The procedure in therapy resistance or in cases that show only partial success
  • Very severe conditions in the EEA picture – holistic therapeutic approaches

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