Basic Training Colorpuncture according Peter to Mandel

Basic Training in Therapies of Esogetic Holistic Medicine

«To 'speak' the language of the cells and treat intelligently»

Extensive case studies and practical exercises. By completing parts 1 and 2 of the basic training you have acquired a wealth of detailed knowledge in analysis and therapy to use in your own clinic.

  • Evaluation approaches of Esogetic Holistic Medicine
  • The overall holistic physical health status
  • Forms of evaluation in Esogetic Holistic Medicine
    • Physiognomy = facial analysis
    • Segmental analysis according to Puttkammer on the back
    • Brief introduction into iris diagnosis
    • Focal diagnosis of odontones (teeth)
    • Tongue diagnosis
    • Esogetic analysis of points on the fingers and soles of the feet
    • The levels of the spine and their holistic correspondences
  • The Endocrine Basic Pattern
    • Analysis and therapy of the endocrine insufficiency, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, therapies of the coordination centers of the brain, for instance limbic system for learning and concentration weaknesses, hypothalamus for imbalances of the mucous membranes.
  • The Toxic-lymphatic Basic Pattern
    • Analysis and therapy of aggressive inflammatory complaints, for instance tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis or inflammations of the ear; detoxification therapies.
  • The degenerative Basic Pattern
    • Analysis and therapy of degenerative diseases; stresses of the medulla oblongata, specific laterality disturbance, mesenchymal overloads, chronic diseases, organ degenerations.
  • The Principle of the Function Circles in Esogetic Holistic Medicine
    • Kidney/Urinary Bladder - Liver/Gallbladder - Lung/ Large Intestine - Stomach/ Spleen/ Pancreas - Heart/ Small Intestine and the elements fire - earth - air - water - ether. Correlations between analytical findings and the function circles. Therapeutic options to address the function circles.
  • Conflict resolution Therapies
    • Prenatal therapies, conflict resolution therapies

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